Rollover Wizard

The Rollover Wizard simplifies the rollover compliance analysis for broker-dealers and their financial professionals. Within three minutes, necessary data is collected and analyzed to determine if the client’s rollover complies with the broker-dealer’s best interest standards.

Plan Rollover Analysis

The Rollover Wizard supports both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans. Some of the key factors considered in the Rollover Wizard include:
· Fees and expenses
· Level of services available
· Available investment options
· Ability to take penalty-free withdrawals
· Application of required minimum distributions
· Protections from creditors and legal judgments
· Holdings of employer stock and potential for NUA opportunities
· Provides logic supporting consideration of the plan participant's current employer sponsored plan
· Opportunity to roll funds into current employer-sponsored plan
· Guaranteed income comparison (defined benefit vs cash-out annuity purchase)
· Any special features of the existing account

Each of these data elements, and other configurable data elements, are considered in the Rollover Wizard. Historically, the hardest data points to identify have been fees and expenses. To help financial professionals with this issue, CapitalROCK has added the ability for users to lookup retirement plan expenses from a Form 5500 database. Users also have the ability to plug in plan fees from the client’s 404(a)(5) or use a CapitalROCK provided fee benchmarking functionality that provides fee estimates based on characteristics of the plan.

Show your work with ReasonText™

All RightBridge systems feature ReasonText™. This automatically-generated, compliance-approved text helps financial professionals “show their work” by explaining the results of the analysis. ReasonText™ makes certain that the “reasons why” the rollover was either allowed or disallowed are well documented.


Once the information is analyzed and the final output is given, a report can be generated that contains all the information that was gathered, the rollover analysis, and supporting ReasonText™.