Switch Form

The RightBRIDGE Product Profiler helps reduce required broker-dealer forms by incorporating the licensing broker-dealer’s policies and procedures right into the process. The focus of the RightBRIDGE switch forms is to eliminate manual processes and provide a common platform to input, analyze and record all the information necessary to compliantly move a client from one investment or investment type to another.   The forms include fee information as well as reasonable available alternative at both the product and product category levels. Forms also include ReasonText™ to explain in plain English why the product meets the client’s needs and requirements.

Account opening forms, Best Interest Analysis Forms, Switch/Transfer Forms, Rollover Forms and more can be replaced with RightBRIDGE.

RightBRIDGE reports do more than just summarize collected data

RightBRIDGE produces ReasonText™ to explain why, or why not, a recommendation is in alignment with the licensing broker-dealers best interest policies and procedures. ReasonText™ is automatically generated text that provides financial professionals with an easy way to "show their work". ReasonText™ within the RAA functionality will notate why the specific Reasonably Available Alternatives were appropriate peer products for the financial professional's recommendation. This helps avoid the pitfalls of generalized statements like "...looked at other funds" or "other annuities were considered" that compliance personnel may find to be inadequate.

How It's Done

Whatever type of business you are recommending, the RightBRIDGE Product Profiler is the place to start. The Profiler begins by asking the financial professional what sort of business they are opening, and how they are funding it.

The RightBRIDGE Switch Form

Once these selections have been made, the Smart Questionnaire within the Product Profiler walks the financial professional through gathering (Or validating in the case of prefilled integrated deployments) the data required to analyze the recommendation. For each account type and funding source, the licensing broker-dealer determines which data is collected and how it’s used. The end result is a report that documents the data that was captured, the recommendations that were made, and all of the broker-dealer required data based upon the type of transaction or business line.

Types of Switch Forms available include:
- Annuity Exchange
- Rollovers
- Change of Account Type