Product validation for best interest.

CapitalROCK uses the RightBRIDGE AI engine to determine the suitability or best interest status of proposed products and accounts.

Solutions We Provide

Product Validation

CapitalROCK uses the RightBRIDGE business intelligence engine to determine the suitability of proposed products and accounts. The RightBRIDGE engine is configured to validate that a product/ account type meets the best interest requirements of state or federal regulations.  The RightBRIDGE Product Validation capability has been enhanced to assist advisors with SEC Reg BI, PTE 2020-02 and NAIC Model Reg.

Client Profiling

The RightBRIDGE Suggestion Engine is a needs-based AI engine that identifies all relevant client needs and opportunities.

  • The Suggestion Engine uses a Smart Questionnaire to develop financial priorities and a client profile
  • Scores each planning topic
  • Uses ReasonText™ to explain results
  • Provides automated annual reviews

RightBRIDGE Suggestion Engine can also be used to find all relevant needs-based product opportunities for clients in a financial professional’s book of business and delivers top opportunities to financial advisors.

Show Your Work with ReasonText

ReasonText™ explains how the selected product fits the client’s financial situation, matches their preferences and fits their specific needs. When a product does not fit well, ReasonText™ is used to explain why the fit is not ideal.

RightBRIDGE Customers on Why They Use RightBRIDGE

RightBRIDGE Product Wizards

RightBRIDGE is for...

Home Office

Understanding sales data and marketing trends are vital metrics to know how well your financial professionals are performing. With RightBRIDGE understanding how your company is operating is a few clicks away. 

Financial Professionals

As a financial professional you want to make sure you’re acting in your client’s best interest. RightBRIDGE takes out the guesswork and research and provides you with facts and data to provide solutions for your clients. 

Compliance Officers

Staying up to date with the latest regulations can be a laborious endeavor. RightBRIDGE helps compliance officers keep tabs on company activity to ensure that corners aren’t being cut and that company protocol is being followed.