Best Interest Validation
and Documentation

CapitalROCK uses the RightBRIDGE® AI engine to validate that proposed account types, products, and rollovers meet a firm’s specific best interest requirements. Results of the best interest analysis are documented with automatically generated, compliance approved ReasonText™.

The RightBRIDGE Process

Data Collection

The configurable questionnaire captures the data required to perform the best interest analysis.


The RightBRIDGE rules engine is configured to include many broker-dealer specific best interest policies and procedures.


The recommended account type, product, or rollover and the required case data is analyzed through the lens of the licensing broker-dealers expectations.


The results of the analysis are explained and documented through ReasonText™.

Award Winning Results

CapitalROCK was awarded the 2023 Compliance Connect Compliance Provider of the Year which is given to the organization that provides their users with the tools and technology to overcome core compliance challenges. RightBRIDGE is designed to do exactly that.

Popular RightBRIDGE Features


Show your work with ReasonText™. RightBRIDGE® provides the “reasons why” a proposed action either meets, or does not meet the licensing firm’s best interest requirements.

Reasonably Available Alternatives

RightBRIDGE® make it easy for financial professionals to find best fit account type and product level alternative investments.

Retirement Plan Fee

RightBRIDGE® puts reliable plan data at your fingertips.


RightBRIDGE® reports can improve your firm’s compliance posture, and eliminate many lengthy, burdensome forms.

RightBRIDGE does the heavy lifting

Manual documentation takes time. RightBRIDGE® automates your process and provides you with the data you need.

Better documentation in half the time.
The process in your Best Interest policies and procedures.
Plan and product data right where you need it right when you need it.

RightBRIDGE is a Regulatory Compliance Solution

Reasonably Available Alternatives

The regulators have made it clear that Reasonably Available Alternatives need to be documented at the account type level, and at the product level. RightBRIDGE® provides the tools you need to do both.

PTE 2020-02

RightBRIDGE® is the right tool for rollover documentation. RightBRIDGE® combines plan data with detailed analysis and ReasonText™ to explain and document the best interest status of a rollover recommendation.

Retirement Security Rule

From the latest Wagner Memo: “…we believe that the RightBRIDGE® approach is wholly consistent with the Proposed Retirement Security Rule and, in particular, the Proposed PTE approach and will continue to be an important asset for those who rely on RightBRIDGE® as they seek to comply with the Proposed PTE.”

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