Systematize your Annuity Review Process

Annuity Wizard is the ultimate pre-sales annuity solution for broker-dealers, seamlessly combining compliance solutions with intuitive annuity research tools.

Allows the licensing firm to systematize their firm’s annuity documentation and sales process.

Annuity Wizard is the ultimate pre-sales annuity solution for broker-dealers, combining robust compliance features with intuitive product selection tools. With a focus on pre-sales suitability review, it helps you stay ahead of regulatory requirements, including the Retirement Security Rule, Regulation Best Interest, Reasonably Available Alternatives, NAIC Best Interest Reg Model (#275), NY Reg 187, and FINRA Rule 2330 (Members’ Responsibilities Regarding Variable Annuities). With access to extensive data on all annuity types, enhanced research tools, automated best interest documentation and seamless integrations, Annuity Wizard empowers financial professionals to confidently navigate and document the complex landscape of annuity sales and compliance.

Pre-sales Compliance and Suitability Review

Annuity Wizard stands out as the pre-sales compliance and suitability review solution due to its comprehensive framework that keeps broker-dealers ahead of ever-evolving regulatory and compliance requirements. Broker-dealers can leverage automated checks based on industry standards, regulatory requirements and a firm’s list of suitability requirements. It ensures thorough compliance assessments for each transaction and automatically documents the results through ReasonTextTM so that the recommendation is crystal clear to reviewers, financial professionals and their clients.

Reasonably Available Alternatives

Through RightBRIDGE®’s powerful rules engine, Annuity Wizard identifies alternatives at both the annuity and rider levels, providing comprehensive assessments based on factors like the client’s preferences, investment objectives, risk tolerance, annuity features, and firm suitability rules.  Reasonably Available Alternatives are selected only from the available products on a firm’s product shelf. 

Side-by-side comparison and reports quickly summarize the proposed annuity and applicable alternatives. Furthermore, the inclusion of ReasonText™ ensures that financial professionals can easily document and justify their selection of Reasonably Available Alternatives, enhancing transparency and compliance readiness.

Streamline Annuity Exchange Review

Streamline the annuity exchange review process by leveraging Annuity Wizard’s data and rule-based engine.  The Annuity Wizard can automate the bulk of a firm’s suitability review process for annuity exchanges based on configurable scoring and rules. The Annuity Wizard offers integrations with providers such as Beacon Research for historical annuity data and DTCC for inforce policy information to create a one-click experience on populating an exchange form. Annuity Wizard empowers users to present exchange recommendations alongside comprehensive product comparisons, facilitating clear decision-making and documentation for the exchange’s basis.

Streamline Annuity Exchange Review

Enhanced Product Research Tools

Annuity Wizard offers enhanced product research tools that empower broker-dealers and their professionals with comprehensive insights into all annuity types. With the ability to compare details side-by-side across different products, users can make informed decisions tailored to their clients’ needs. The platform provides access to a wealth of information, including living benefit riders, death benefit riders, up-to-date rates and subaccounts.


The Annuity Data, Tools, and Reports That You Need.

The Annuity Wizard is a single destination for all things annuity pre-sale.

Best Interest Validation

Validate whether a proposed product meets the firm’s best interest requirements.

Automate Suitability Review

Standardize and automate the suitability review process for annuity transactions.

Product Research Tools

Sort, filter, and compare all annuity types on your firm’s complete product shelf, across all annuity types in one place. Review products, riders, rates and subaccounts in a sortable grid or in fact sheets.

Annuity Exchange Analysis

Compare a proposed exchange product with currently available products. Generate required exchange documentation.

Reasonably Available Alternatives

Choose Reasonably Available Alternatives from a pre-screened list of products that are high confidence alternative products.

Seamlessly Integrate

Integrations with order entry platforms creates a seamless user experience