Annuity Wizard

The RightBRIDGE® Annuity Wizard helps financial professionals determine which annuities available on their product shelf are best suited to meet their clients’ needs, objectives and preferences.
The Annuity Wizard was designed to help financial professionals efficiently evaluate their annuity product shelf and match product features and benefits to their customer’s needs and preferences. The Annuity Wizard also makes an excellent pairing with any order/entry system. When combined with an order/entry system, the Annuity Wizard has been shown to reduce Not In Good Order annuity submissions and speed up the rate at which annuity business processes. Another benefit, to the Annuity Wizard is to help financial professionals by incorporating firm policies and procedures into the RightBRIDGE rules engine. Effectively, this provides “guardrails” that makes following firm policies and procedures much more manageable. The Annuity Wizard can also provide a compliant structure for selecting and documenting Reasonably Available Alternatives at the product level.

Annuity Validation Track

The Validation Track uses an artificial intelligence engine to determine the suitability or best interest status of a proposed or in-force policy. By selecting the button labeled “Validate a proposed annuity” users will be presented with drop down boxes with carriers, products and riders available to them.

Annuity Validation Track

The Annuity Validation Track uses the RightBRIDGE AI engine to determine the suitability or best interest status of proposed annuity sales and exchanges.

Annuity validation is a way of running proposed annuity sales through a pre-sale compliance review. Compliance rules in the Annuity Wizard are configured for the licensing firm and case data is run through the rules engine to determine if the proposed sale meets the licensing firm’s best interest requirements for regulations like SEC Reg BI, NAIC Model Reg and New York’s Reg 187.

Annuity Selection

The RightBRIDGE AI engine can also help the advisor evaluate their total product shelf. A configurable set of questions is used to evaluate product features and help map “best fit” annuities to a specific client. After completing the questionnaire, the financial professional is presented with a short list of products to choose from and can make their final selection. Products selected via use of the Selection track are also accompanied by the full validation features that are used in the Validation Track.

Additional Annuity Wizard Functionality

Annuity Search Tables

Annuity Wizard users can access easy to use sortable product tables. The fixed indexed annuity search table allows users to sort products by a wide range of criteria including strategy, index and cap or participation rate. The fixed annuity table allows for similar capability with easy sorting of product by version, term and rate.

Annuity Lookup

If the user is researching product and does not need to complete a full shelf evaluation the Annuity Lookup function allows for fast and easy access to product data. Fact sheets on each annuity highlight such information as fees, state approvals, riders available, rider details, FIA rates and caps, surrender schedules, funds available and fund fees.