Reg BI

The SEC’s Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI) requires financial professionals to not only act in their client’s best interest, but must also “show their work” and show why they are making their recommendation. RightBRIDGE makes the heavy lifting of  validating and documentating simple. 

Showing Your Work with RightBRIDGE

Product Validation Tools

RightBRIDGE® has 3 modules that have been configured specifically for Reg BI. TheProduct Profiler™ provides account and product validation for both  product category and account type. The Investment Wizard provides  product validation for specific investment  products and investment platforms. The Investment Wizard™ also offers a fast track Fund Validation component that will compare a selected mutual fund with up to 4 reasonably available alternatives. The  Annuity Wizard™ validates a specific annuity for purchase or exchange  complete with a comparison of up to 4 reasonable alternatives.

Product Profiler
Annuity Wizard
Investment Wizard

ReasonText™ Shows Your Work

RightBRIDGE® tools use a smart questionnaire to capture critical case data and customer preferences. This data is then mapped to the product type recommendation and compared to the firm’s specific best interest requirements. The results of the best interest analysis are then described with ReasonText™.

Users Share Why They Chose RightBRIDGE to Address Reg BI