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Best Interest Analysis for Account Type Selection and Rollovers

The Product Profiler™ helps firms systematize their policies and procedures for account type justification and rollover analysis.

Show Your Work

Empower your financial professionals with the tools they need to document the rationale for their recommendations.

The Product Profiler™ uses a smart questionnaire to capture critical case data and customer preferences. This data is then mapped to the rollover or account type recommendation and compared to the firm’s specific best interest requirements. The results of the best interest analysis are then described with ReasonText™.

Retirement Plan Data

The Product Profiler™ provides a simple process that follows regulatory guidance concerning plan fees. The RightBRIDGE® Plan Database makes it easy to find the ERISA plan you are looking for and automatically displays plan fees and features.


Take the Pain Out of Documentation

The Product Profiler™ can streamline multiple disparate processes and simplify what is required of a financial professional to stay in-bounds of their firm’s best interest requirements.

Switch/Transfer Form

Allows validation of funding sources and account type destination.

Retirement Plan Data

Find the plan data you need in moments.

Product Profiler™ Reports

RightBRIDGE® Reports document the process of fact finding, the recommendation and associated fees as well as the rationale for the recommendation.

Guaranteed Income Validation

Is the customers future more secure with guaranteed income? The Product Profiler™ provides an analysis that can help.

Smart Questionniare

The Product Profiler™ uses a smart questionnaire that ensures that only relevant and critical questions are collected.

Reasonably Available Alternatives Analysis

RightBRIDGE® Documents each Account Type Alternative for Comparison.