Life Insurance Wizard

The RightBRIDGE Life Insurance Wizard combines sales intelligence and our AI engine to determine the amount, mix, and type of insurance for a client’s needs and objectives.

As with all RightBRIDGE tools, the Life Insurance Wizard gathers client information, including client’s age, income, and current insurance coverage. There are then two possible tracks the user can engage…


The RightBRIDGE Life Insurance Wizard utilized in its validation track, helps to determine the suitability of a proposed or in-force policy. The solution:
• Supports new sales or changes to an existing policy
• Provides validation scoring for proposed products
• Summarizes results in a validation report


The RightBRIDGE Life Insurance Wizard utilized in its selection track, provides the user:
• A comparison of an expanded selection of life insurance types
• An analysis of the size and mix of insurance that a client may need
• A summary of life-time and temporary insurance products that are rank ordered and explained
• A comparison of life insurance products side-by-side

The Life Insurance Wizard Difference

Reasons why the Life Insurance Wizard is different than other software options 

Reason 1: ReasonText™ gives the financial professional detailed dialogue to present to their client based on the case data entered.

Reason 2: Side-by-Side Comparisons allow financial professionals to view and analyze selected insurance products and sort based on features and costs.

Reason 3: Printed Reports. The report captures the client data used in the analysis as well as selected insurance products complete with ReasonText™ for each and a comparison chart of the insurance product selected.