Life Insurance Selection and Best Interest Validation

Take the pain out of pre-sale life insurance documentation.

Business Intelligence Engine

The Business Intelligence Engine helps agents identify appropriate insurance types and coverage amounts. The smart questionnaire ensures that the necessary client data is collected and analyzed for firm best interest requirements.

Help Me Select

Using the “help me select” portion of the Life Insurance Wizard™, agents are guided through a selection process that matches insurance types (VUL, Fixed, UL, Term, etc.) with the needs of the customer. RightBRIDGE can also identify an appropriate mix of lifetime needs and shorter-term needs that can be covered by term length products.

Once insurance types and the appropriate blend of lifetime and term insurance is identified, the Life Insurance Wizard™ can help determine which specific policies best fit the customer’s needs.


Life Insurance Wizard Features

The Life Insurance Wizard™ takes the pain out of pre-sale life insurance documentation.

Life Needs Analysis

Identify the appropriate coverage amount for the customer.

Identify Insurance Types

Match customer needs with policy types that cover the duration of their needs.

Get the Mix Right

Identify percentage of needs that are lifetime needs and the portion that can be covered by term products.


Life Insurance Wizard™ reports summarize customer data,  recommended products, and the rationale for the recommendation.

Charts and Graphs

Insurance needs and coverages are cleanly displayed with easy to read charts and graphs.

State Based Rules Questions

The Life Wizard™ supports state specific rules and regulations.