RightBRIDGE Dashboard

The RightBRIDGE compliance dashboard and case explorer provides home office users with a tool to monitor activity and behavior of users of the RightBRIDGE applications. This information may be used to facilitate surveillance, regulatory requests, and marketing analysis. Functionality is provided in the form of widgets and a case explorer that allows for ad hoc investigation.

Case Activity Statistics Widget

This widget provides a quick summary of system activity based on multiple criteria. From different points in this widget a user may click to a case, a case history, or a filtered set of cases in the case explorer.

Case Stats (Last 30 Days)
- Cases with Interactions
- Results Viewed
- Score Class Changes

Product by Score Class (Last 30 Days)
- Number of Products for Each Case

5 Users with Most Cases (Last 30 Days)

5 Cases with the Most Activity (Last 30 Days)
- Score Class Changes
- Run Count (number of times a case has been executed)

Case Explorer
The case explorer presents case data in a filterable grid. The columns in the grid represent key data points specifically to the module filtered. Data is presented “grouped” with one case per row or “flat” one row per product with case data repeated. Data may be exported as a delimited file for additional analysis in tools such as excel. Data in each column is variable based on the module filtered. The data is key data for each module. Users can hide and filter columns.

Case Statistics Summary Widget

The case summary widget is a filterable view that summarizes activity at the unit level.

Summary data includes:

• The unit

• Number of users

• # of cases

• # of products

• # of red products

• # of green products

• # of yellow products

Filterable by 

• Unit 

• Module 

• Date of last execution 

• Assessment type (validate or select)

Product Summary Statistics Widget

Summarizes product results by module with a percentage break down by score class. These are cases that had a last execution date within the date range.

Filterable by: 

• Module 

• Date range System

System Usage Widget

The System Usage Widget provides usage statistics that help understand how your users are using the RightBRIDGE system. It provides 2 views, a chart view, and a data view. The data view can be used as a usage report.

Filterable by 

• Unit 

• Date Range

Profile History

Profile history is a linkable page from multiple points in the dashboard. It provides a history of a case. Included is the summary data that is filterable in the Case Explorer for each execution as well as a change history of any data point changed when data is saved. Data is summarized for each execution and any additional changes between executions (save work in progress or system executed saves)