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RightBRIDGE Compliance Dashboard

Get to know your RightBRIDGE® data

Finding trends, creating reports, and analyzing your firm’s proposed recommendations has never been easier.

Firmwide Analysis

You shouldn’t have to be a data scientist to find trends and perform firmwide analysis of your data. The RightBRIDGE® Dashboard was created to help compliance and supervision personnel get self-serve access to the type of data that can typically require in-house firm technologists to deliver.


The data you need to analyze your firm’s usage of RightBRIDGE

The RightBRIDGE® Dashboard allows you to look at firm-wide usage and any other group of users down to an individual.

Case Stats

Get a handle on the types of cases and overall results that your firm is seeing.

Usage Metrics

View and forecast firmwide usage of RightBRIDGE®

Case Explorer

View the iterations of a single case over time.

Product Summary Widgets

See the types of recommendations that are made, even if the recommendation never advances to closed business.

Retrospective Review Functions

The RightBRIDGE® Dashboard helps firms pull critical metrics for their annual compliance obligations.

Cases with the Most Activity

Easily bring to focus the cases that may need the most attention.